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"It's a goddamn zombie tiger."

Valentine is a zombie tiger who is a member of the Las Vegas horde.


Las Vegas outbreak[]

In life, Valentine was one of Siegfried & Roy's tigers. She was featured on an advertisement for The Mirage Hotel and Resort. When the zombie outbreak occurred, she was infected and became a zombie. Her cognitive abilities did not seem to decline after being bitten like a shambler's would, continuing to act as a normal tiger would, so she was most likely bitten by Zeus.[1]

As the zombie culture developed, Valentine took up the role of guarding the edge of the Las Vegas horde's territory surrounding The Olympus.

Götterdämmerung heist[]

When the Las Vengeance heist team arrived at the outskirts of the Las Vegas horde's territory, Valentine arrived to bar their path. They successfully hid from her as she passed, but her presence forced Lilly to offer Burt Cummings as tribute to the horde. She later joined the alphas as they attacked the heist team at Bly's Casino, but waited outside while the others engaged the enemy. Martin later emerged near Valentine's resting spot, and she toyed with him for a while before crushing his skull in her jaws.

Later that day the nuclear bomb was dropped on Las Vegas, presumably obliterating Valentine.[1]



Twitter emoji

  • A Twitter emoji was created for Valentine, which would appear when #ZombieTiger, #ZombieTigerCat, #AdoptAZombieTiger, or #ValentineTheTiger were used on the site.
  • Valentine is based on Sapphire, a white tiger from Carol Baskin's big cats sanctuary.[2]