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"It looks like they're taking him to The Olympus."
"Good. Now we know where not to go."

The Olympus Hotel and Casino was an upscale hotel, now overrun with the undead.


Zombie outbreak[]

The Olympus destruction.png

During the outbreak, Zeus happened upon the hotel and saw a statue of the god Zeus, which is where he probably got his name. He would later take up residence in the hotel, followed by the alphas he converted. Captured humans awaiting zombie conversion were kept here.[1]

Human invasion[]

When Burt Cummings was offered to the Las Vegas horde as a sign of subservience from the Las Vengeance crew that was encroaching on their territory, he was brought to The Olympus for conversion into an Alpha zombie. Geeta and her two friends were held here after being captured as well. Zeus took one of Geeta's friends away, but before he got to Daisy and Geeta herself, Kate Ward arrived to rescue them. Scott Ward came for his daughter shortly after, and the group fought with the Alphas inside. Daisy was lost along the way, but the other three made it to the roof and escaped, but not without Zeus jumping into the helicopter.

The Olympus was later destroyed, along with all of Las Vegas, when the city got blown up by a nuclear blast.[1]


  • The Olympus is a fictional hotel created for the events of Army of the Dead, in part to avoid coming into conflict with Las Vegas hotel owners over the portrayal of their hotels, but also for narrative freedom.
    • The street in front of The Olympus is also a fictional street created for the film.
  • The Olympus is shown to be located about where Polo Towers by Diamond Resorts exists in the real world, which is about half a mile from Bly's Casino.


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