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Scott Ward is a zombie veteran-turned-diner cook until being offered $50 million to head a mission into zombie-infested Las Vegas to retrieve $200 million in cash for Bly Tanaka.


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Scott ran a taco truck for Sin City Tacos before the zombie outbreak in Las Vegas. He was married to Laura Ward and they had a daughter, Kate Ward. His wife was unfortunately infected and became a zombie, forcing Scott to bury a knife in her skull. The constant reminder of his lost love that was instilled in him by his daughter made it hard to connect with her, so he pulled away in his grief. A rift formed between the two that wouldn't be repaired for years.[1]

Las Vegas outbreak[]

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He took up the path of the zombie hunter out of necessity, and turned out to be quite good at it. He banded together with a group of survivors, and with his help at least part of the group managed to successfully make it out of Las Vegas alive.[2] At some point his wife became infected and Scott was forced to put her down. The loss of his wife and the constant reminder of her that was brought on by his daughter made it hard to provide the emotional support she needed, and as a result the two became estranged. Scott believed Kate pulled away from him because he had killed her mother, so when he was ready to be there for her and noticed that she didn't want him around, he thought pulling away was best. Meanwhile, what she really wanted was her father back.[1]

He was awarded the Medal of Freedom for saving the Secretary of Defense in the chaos. In the safety of the outside world, Scott moved to Albuquerque and began cooking for the Lucky Boy diner.[1]

Götterdämmerung heist[]

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One day, Bly Tanaka approached Scott at Lucky Boy and offered him $50 million to head back into zombie-infested Las Vegas with a safecracker and his own hand-picked team of mercenaries. The goal was to crack the Götterdämmerung vault under the Las Vegas Strip, retrieve the $200 million inside, and safely remove it from the city within 32 hours. He first approached Maria Cruz and Vanderohe, his fellow zombie outbreak survivors and Las Vengeance teammates. Each of them would receive a $15 million share of the $50 million bounty, with Scott's share intended for his daughter, Kate.

They also required a helicopter pilot and a safecracker, so Scott sought out Marianne Peters (another fellow survivor of the initial outbreak) to fly the helicopter, and Ludwig Dieter to crack the safe. They found Mikey Guzman through his YouTube channel, as he also had experience killing zombies, and the group headed to Vegas. Once in the refugee camp outside the city, they enlisted the help of Lilly to sneak beyond the wall. Realizing Geeta had gone missing on the other side of the wall, Kate manipulated her father into allowing her to join the crew.

They ventured into the city, witnessing what had become of the zombies since they escaped all those years ago, and learning of the new culture that had grown among the alphas. Lilly chose the path to avoid coming into conflict with the Las Vegas horde, and the group made their way to Bly's Casino. Reaching the casino, the team split up to accomplish their various tasks, Scott and Kate heading to the roof with the backup generator so they could turn on the power, which enabled access to the Götterdämmerung for the safecracking team.

Scott returned to the main floor of the casino and watched the latest news on the nuclear strike, only to find that it'd been moved up to that day, leaving them less than an hour and a half to get out of the quarantine zone. The safe was soon cracked, and Scott joined the others in packing up the money. Talking with Cruz, he realized he'd missed a chance to be with her, and the two began to hope for a future together. Hope turned to worry when Scott realized Kate was no longer with the group, and he knew she'd gone to The Olympus to find her missing friend, Geeta. Enraged, Scott began to leave the group to bring Kate back. Cruz stopped him and convinced him to let her provide support, and the two turned to enter the elevator. As it ticked open, a small crowd of zombies lurched forward from within, one snapping Cruz's neck. A scuffle ensued, and with more zombies in the elevator shaft, Scott was forced to head for the roof.

The remaining team was split up again as they all fled from the attacking alphas. Guz and Lilly were the last two who stuck with Scott, and the trio fought their way back up to the roof, losing Guz along the way. Zeus chased after them, so Lilly stayed behind to hold him off as Peters and Scott took the helicopter to The Olympus to find Kate. He made his way down into the enormous hotel, as Zeus and the remaining alphas worked their way up to hunt him down. They crossed paths on Kate, who had found Geeta. Scott temporarily disabled Zeus with a grenade, then led the women up to the roof. Peters had left them, but had a change of heart and returned to take them from the city.

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The final four survivors took off toward the beyond of the nuke's range, but Zeus leapt aboard as well. Scott and Zeus struggled, Zeus eventually biting into the nape of Scott's neck, while Scott managed to split Zeus' skull with a bullet. The nuclear bomb detonated and the helicopter was forced to the ground. Scott shared his final moments with his daughter, both of them surviving the crash. His infection spread, and when his time came, Kate was forced to put a bullet in his brain.[1]


Scott left a large amount of cash from the cart in front of the Götterdämmerung to his daughter when he died, hoping she would use it to attend college and help her friend Geeta get her children out of the refugee camp - something he knew Kate wanted to do. Had he lived beyond the Götterdämmerung mission, he planned on running a food truck near wherever Kate decided to go to college. He considered artisan grilled cheese sandwiches, tofu, and then settled on lobster rolls. The lobster roll truck would never come to be, at least not by his hand.[1]


  • Skilled marksman: Scott is very skilled with a variety of guns, and is capable of quickly taking down zombies with the necessary headshots about as fast as his guns can fire.
  • Peak physical strength: As a big, muscular man, Scott can easily overpower every zombie he comes across other than Zeus. He even manages to go head-to-head with Zeus, though Zeus' abnormal strength proves to be superior.
  • Leadsership: Scott is a respected leader, with Las Vengeance veterans and new members alike following his commands without issue.


  • Glow sticks: Scott used glow sticks to chart a path through the dark, when too much light would have awakened a crowd of sleeping zombies.
  • Body armor: When dealing with zombies, Scott wears protective gear that prevents them from biting through to his flesh. He can use the armor on his forearms to block a zombie bite and hold the attacking zombie at bay.
  • SIG-Sauer P226R: Scott's pistol of choice is the SIG-Sauer P226R. He uses this gun to protect a grocer during the zombie wars.
  • Heckler & Koch HK416: The primary weapon Scott carries is his HK416. It's equipped with a Trijicon ACOG rifle scope and a Magpul D60 drum magazine, which is capable of storing 60 ready-to-fire rounds. During the zombie wars Scott can be seen with the weapon prior to the addition of the Magpul D60. The HK416 is capable of full-auto fire.
  • Standalone M203 launcher: Scott used this single-handed grenade launcher to fire a grenade at Zeus, which knocked him down long enough to get to the helicopter.






  • After his zombie transformation, Scott appears to call out to his daughter by name twice, though his voice has become garbled. If true, something about the nature of Scott's bite and/or his physiology might have enabled him to not just become a king class zombie like Zeus, but to have surpassed Zeus by retaining some part of his human mind. He was put down too quickly for this to be determined.


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