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Rolph is a member of Gwendoline's heist crew. He is their getaway driver.


Before joining Gwendoline's heist crew[]

Rolph was no stranger to crime before meeting Gwendoline Starr, Brad Cage, and Korina Dominguez. He worked as a valet at The Hill Lux Hotel, where, at least on one occasion, he used a hotel patron's car without permission to act as a getaway driver for a robbery. He was eventually recruited as the getaway driver for Gwen's crew.[1]

Ring Cycle heists[]

As the team's getaway driver, Rolph waited in the van during both the Rheingold heist in Paris and the Valkyrie heist in Prague. Between the two heists he celebrated with the others over the successful cracking of the Rheingold, bonding a bit with newcomer Sebastian. After the cracking of the Valkyrie, on the other hand, Brad tossed Sebastian aside, and Rolph was forced to continue on to lose the police. He accepted that, while he had come to like Sebastian, this was a decent business move, and he stuck with Brad even after Gwen and Korina decided to leave over the matter.[1]

Siegfried heist[]

Brad later wanted to catch up to Gwen to win her back, so Rolph drove them to Bly's Casino in St. Moritz, where she was likely to attempt the third heist with Korina and Sebastian; the heist of the Siegfried. They arrived too late, but taking a second look at Gwen's GPS location, they chased her down. Thinking Brad was just going to attempt to scare them, Rolph tagged along as Brad pointed his gun at Gwen and Sebastian, even going so far as to pull the trigger. Rolph called out in opposition, but to no avail. Luckily Gwen had already removed the firing pin. She, instead, held Brad and Rolph at gunpoint, the latter of which asked if he could change sides, before they were both restrained against the armored truck that held the Siegfried. Delacroix would later find them there and arrest them.[1]


  • Exceptional driver: Rolph is a very strong driver, and said to be the greatest at drifting, in particular.



  • The pendant on Rolph's necklace during the Rheingold heist is a goat. "G.O.A.T." stands for "greatest of all time," occasionally represented by a goat, and Rolph believes himself to be such in the realm of drifting.
  • Rolph enjoys playing Mario Kart.
  • Zack Snyder and Guz Khan have expressed interest in developing a Rolph spinoff.


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