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The nuclear strike on Las Vegas was an attempt to end the zombie infestation that otherwise proved too difficult to eradicate using methods that didn't wipe out the entire city.


After the zombie wars were brought to an end due to the sheer magnitude of zombies in Las Vegas, the President of the United States decided a nuclear strike would be the best option to rid the world of the zombie plague. On June 29, 2025 congress ratified the president's proposition, and the bombing was scheduled for the Fourth of July holiday. The president was later pressured into moving the date away from the holiday by his constituents, and rather than push it back out of fear that it could be pushed back indefinitely, it was moved up to the third of July at sundown. WBC World News reported the new date, which was seen by several members of the Las Vengeance heist team, who were in the city at the time.[1]


The strike was an apparent success, however Vanderohe later discovered that he had been bitten while in the city, leaving open the possibility that he could begin a new outbreak. WBC World News livestreamed the blast for the world to see.[1]


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