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"What would you say about making 500 grand?"
"I'd say, 'Who the hell do I gotta kill?'"

Scott Ward and Mikey Guzman, Army of the Dead

Mikey Guzman is a sharpshooter and member of the mercenary group tasked with venturing into zombie-infested Las Vegas to retrieve $200 million in cash for Bly Tanaka.


Prior to the Götterdämmerung heist, Guz ran a YouTube channel, on which he would come up with interesting methods of killing zombies for his audience. Videos included using a batting practice machine to launch baseballs at zombies, crushing them with a car's hydraulics system, shooting them, and punching them with brass knuckles. He would usually travel with an entourage, or at least Carlos "C-Lo", who would occasionally help with the zombies. There were Reddit forums dedicated to Guzman.[1]

Götterdämmerung heist[]

"Mikey Guzman. . . name rings a bell."

One of his videos, specifically one in which he killed seven zombies with three bullets, later caught the attention of Maria Cruz, who showed it to Scott Ward during their recruitment for breaking into the McCarran Quarantine Zone to steal $200 million from beneath Bly's Casino in the Las Vegas Strip. Finding Guz hanging out with his friends at Ski-Hi Liquors, Ward offered him $500,000 to join the crew. Guz accepted, and offered two members of his crew, Damon and Chambers, to be cut in from his share and join the mission. Chambers went along, while Damon stated his claims of zombie fearlessness were bullshit and departed.

The mission into the Strip would be Guz's first time so close to the heart of the Las Vegas horde. For his videos he'd always skirted the outer edges of the enclosure, sometimes having a difficult time even finding any zombies. He and Chambers enjoyed the early moments, relishing in the appearance of the zombie tiger. They moved on, deeper into the city, but Chambers was swarmed and lost along the way. Guz mercifully fired into her gas can to allow her death to be quick, and he followed Ward on to Bly's Casino. At the casino, the team split to accomplish various tasks. Guz joined Ludwig Dieter and Vanderohe as part of the safecracking team. The trio went down into the chamber housing the Götterdämmerung and used shamblers to set off the boobytraps. Guz headed back up to the main floor early to see a WBC World News broadcast confirming the nuclear strike on Las Vegas was being moved up to less than two hours from that moment. Luckily they still had enough time to get out of the city before the blast.

Dieter successfully opened the vault, and Guz was quick to play with the money. He loaded cash into duffel bags with the others and made his way up to the main lobby with Ward and Lilly, where they were attacked by the alphas. Guz took several down with his AKMSU rifle and hand grenades, but was bitten. He fell to the floor as cash from his bag fluttered above his eyes. Like Chambers before him, he knew it'd be best to go out with a bang, so he pulled the pin on a grenade as he was swarmed with alphas. He died in the ensuing explosion.[1]


  • AKMSU: Guz's primary weapon is an AKMSU with gold plating. The AKMSU is a rare rifle and is capable of full-auto fire.
  • Hand grenades: Guz uses a hand grenade to blow away a crowd of alphas, then again to take another crowd with him and end his own life.






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