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"It's a doorway to another realm, my friends, and providence has brought you to me. We go through it together."

Ludwig Dieter, Army of the Dead

Ludwig Dieter is a German safecracker hired to crack the safe containing Bly Tanaka's $200 million in Las Vegas.


Before the Rheingold heist[]

Dieter spent his life obsessed with the mechanisms and puzzles of well-designed locks. He especially took an interest in those of safe designer Hans Wagner. He worked as a bank teller who entered safecracking competitions for fun, until one day being recruited into a gang of Interpol's most wanted criminals, Gwendoline's heist crew.[1]

Rheingold heist[]

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Walkurie heist[]


Siegfried heist[]


After these heists, he settled down working at Gwendoline's Safe & Lock Co. in Albuquerque, New Mexico.[2]

Götterdämmerung heist[]

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"Can it be opened, and by me? I don't know. I honestly don't . . . but of the world's living locksmiths, do I represent your greatest chance of opening it? I can, with humility, say yes."

Ludwig Dieter, Army of the Dead

His expertise in safecracking and specialty in Hans Wagner's safes in particular made Dieter a prime candidate to crack the Götterdämmerung, where the targeted $200 million waited. That combined with Dieter's passion for cracking Wagner's safes assured that he would participate in the greatest heist the world had ever seen. When approached at his place of work, Gwendoline's Safe & Lock Co., the Götterdämmerung blueprints in hand, Dieter jumped at the chance to join the mission. He met with the full group and took an immediate liking to Vanderohe, who initially brushed him off. Van gave Dieter some quick gun training in preparation for entering the zombie-run city, and the group headed beyond the wall.

The bride - Dieter's first zombie kill.

A bit jumpy in the face of danger, Dieter made it safely to Bly's Casino with the rest of the group. He, Vanderohe, and Mikey Guzman branched off toward the basement where the safe was kept, while others continued onto their own tasks. Faced with a small pack of zombies, Dieter managed to dispatch his first shambler: the bride. The group found another safecracking team, deceased, and they had tried to cut their way to the vault, damaging the card reader. Instead of using Dieter's entry card, Van blew it up, and they moved forward. The final hallway was rigged with "non-lethal" deterrents, which Van triggered by sending shamblers down the hall. Not all deterrents were non-lethal. Finally able to approach the safe, Dieter got to work. Their other tasks complete, the other members started joining the safecracking team, and Scott Ward interrupted Dieter's delicate operation, forcing him to start over. He demanded absolute silence for the next thirty minutes so he could start over from scratch, and asked Van to make sure it was so. Some time later, he was in. He offered Van the honor of releasing the hatch, and they opened the Götterdämmerung.

Impressed with Dieter's skillset, Vanderohe finally treated Dieter as a full equal. They began to gather the money when the chamber was attacked by the Las Vegas horde. The others filtered out, up into the lobby, but Dieter and Van stayed behind to collect the last of the money before the alphas could break through. As they finished, they were too late, and the zombies began to come in. The two fired on them as they approached, clearing a path to the elevator, until Zeus stood in their way. Zeus' helmet protected him from their gunfire, and Van was stuck trading blows with the enhanced strength of the zombie king. Dieter spotted an opportunity to strike Zeus' head, then he pushed Vanderohe into the safe and closed the door to save him from Zeus. Dieter was last seen in the hands of Zeus, who was out for blood, additionally with no means of escaping Las Vegas before it was nuked, so he was almost definitely killed.[2]


  • Safecracking: Dieter is an expert safecracker - probably the best in the world. By the end of his safecracking career he had successfully opened all four of Hans Wagner's famous safes, which were some of the most difficult to crack in the world.
  • Exceptional hearing: While other safecrackers require tools to help them hear the barely audible clicks of the safe dials, Dieter is so gifted in this area that he cracks some of the most challenging safes in the world with his naked ear.


  • Beretta 92FS: This Beretta is the handgun given to Dieter to learn to shoot prior to the Götterdämmerung heist, which he later used to kill the bride zombie.
  • Nail bat*: During the planning of the Götterdämmerung heist, Dieter was envisioned with a baseball bat that had nails pounded through it. He was never seen with such a weapon during the real course of events.



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