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Lilly is a refugee in the McCarran Quarantine Camp outside the sequestered Las Vegas with experience breaking in and out of quarantine. Scott Ward and his team hire her to lead them into the city.


Life in the refugee camps[]

When refugee camps were established in the McCarran Quarantine Zone, Lilly took up a residence in McCarran Quarantine Camp. She sneaked in and out of quarantine to crack slot machines and steal money for her fellow refugees to pay their way out of the camps, coming to be known as "the Coyote" by the locals. During this time she swept away piles of shamblers in sun comas to clear an easier path.[1] As a result of her excursions behind the wall, she came to learn about the culture of the zombies. A couple nights before the Götterdämmerung heist she helped Geeta and two other women enter the city, but had to leave them behind.[2]

Götterdämmerung heist[]

Lilly was eventually hired by Scott Ward and his team to lead them into the city for the sake of their heist. It's unclear if she was to take a payment, if she provided her services to make up for her past guilt, or some combination of the two. She convinced Scott Ward to let her bring another person, then offered Burt Cummings $20,000 if he participated in the mission. He happily accepted, but shortly after the Las Vengeance team entered the area, Lilly convinced him to let her hold his gun, then proceeded to shoot him in the leg and tie him up as an offering for the Las Vegas horde. She explained that they needed to provide an offering to show their subservience to the Alphas in order to be allowed some leeway into their territory, and justified it by stating Cummings had raped multiple women back in the McCarran Quarantine Camp. Whether her claims were true is unclear, but they did their job; the team allowed her to make the offering. Athena soon arrived to take away her prize.

Lilly charted the path to Bly's Casino where the Götterdämmerung could be found, choosing interiors to avoid squandering the zombies' good will. Most of the team made it successfully to the Vegas Bly, and the group branched off to perform their various tasks. Martin convinced Lilly to help him get a vial of Athena's blood, so she called Athena out again with gunfire. Martin shot her with an ensnaring round, tying her up from a distance. The Alpha general beside her attacked, but Lilly shot him off Martin. Instead of taking Athena's blood, Martin took her entire head. Lilly was unhappy about this, but allowed it. She later found an opportunity to swap the head with a cash counter, and Martin was none the wiser.

After the safe was opened, all that remained was the escape, made harder by the Alpha horde seeking revenge on the group that took their queen's head. Martin and Lilly headed up first, Martin using his keycard to open the way, but he closed a gate on Lilly. He claimed he was going to kill the pilot and fly himself out with Athena's head, still unaware that it was in Lilly's possession. He ran off, and Lilly picked up Vanderohe's saw to carve an opening in the wall through which to escape. She was joined by Scott and Mikey Guzman, who helped her fight off the attacking Alphas. They made their way to the roof, losing Guz along the way, and found Peters at the helicopter. Peters claimed to need another thirty seconds, but Zeus arrived before they could take off. Lilly pulled out the head and put a gun to it, preventing Zeus from attacking. Scott and Peters took off while Lilly stayed behind, and in a moment of distraction, she was pierced by Zeus' spear and pinned to the wall. She dropped her gun, but managed to hang on to Athena's head. She lifted her arm as Zeus approached, and dropped it from the roof as he reached out for it. It smashed into the concrete below, and Zeus slowly lowered his teeth to her neck.

Lilly's death was never seen, but she was in a scenario of no escape. It's possible she was briefly converted into an alpha zombie, but more likely Zeus killed her outright in revenge. Either way, she was engulfed in the nuclear explosion that destroyed Las Vegas.[2]


  • Breaking quarantine: Lilly has more experience breaking in and out of quarantine than anyone, earning her the title of the "Coyote" among the residents of McCarran Quarantine Camp.
  • Zombie expertise: Lilly claims to know everything there is to know about zombies. While this is not entirely true, she does have an extensive knowledge of zombies, surpassing even zombie veterans in some areas. Her knowledge of the zombie kingdom in particular exceeds the experiences of the Las Vengeance crew, who dealt with zombies earlier, before they built a structured society.


  • Glock 17: Lilly uses a Glock 17 pistol that she acquired from Burt Cummings. She used his gun to shoot him in the leg.
  • Mk 18 Mod 0: Lilly's primary weapon is the MK 18 Mod 0 rifle.






  • The original choreography of Lilly's death seen in behind the scenes footage included Zeus biting her neck, which was later cut away to the next scene in the final film.


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