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The Las Vegas Strip, commonly known more simply as the Strip, is an area of Las Vegas with a high density of casinos and hotels. Once a bustling wayside, it's now ruled by the undead.


Zombie outbreak[]

At some point a mysterious zombie outbreak occurred in the Strip, causing its inhabitants to go feral and attack each other. Scott Ward, Maria Cruz, Vanderohe, and Marianne Peters formed a rescue team to protect what they loved most.[1]

Las Vegas was later quarantined, and the zombies eventually formed an organized horde led by the more intelligent alpha variants. They took up residence in The Olympus with a territory covering at least a large part of the Strip.[2]

Götterdämmerung heist[]

Bly Tanaka hired Scott Ward and the rest of his previous rescue team to go back into the undead city to pull the greatest heist the world had ever seen. They broke into Bly's Casino, came into conflict with the horde in Bly's and at The Olympus, then shortly afterwards a nuclear bomb was dropped on the city, destroying the Strip.[2]



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