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"What you did and what happened to her, I never blamed you for that, ever. It's not the fact that you killed my mother. It's that you never showed up after, okay?"

Kate Ward, Army of the Dead

Kate Ward is the estranged daughter of Scott Ward, who joins his mission to retrieve $200 million from zombie-infested Las Vegas in an attempt to find Geeta, who is missing somewhere in the city.


Before the zombie outbreak[]

Ward family Christmas.jpg

As a teen, Kate lived happily with her parents, Scott and Laura Ward. Her father ran a taco truck for Sin City Tacos, for which she had a t-shirt. Not long before the zombie outbreak, the trio posed for a Christmas photo.[2]

Las Vegas outbreak[]

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Kate argues with Geeta.

During the zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, Kate's mother was unfortunately infected, and her father, Scott Ward had to put her down. Scott found it hard to spend time with his daughter, both blaming himself for her mother's death, and finding it hard to look at her without thinking of her mother, which created a rift between them. Scott sent her to live with her grandparents while he fought in the zombie wars, and after the impact of dealing with the zombie outbreak, Kate never finished high school.[3] Scott eventually moved to Albuquerque, while Kate stayed somewhere between Vegas and Barstow, California, where she would later volunteer for the Las Vegas Quarantine Center. They sent her to the McCarran Quarantine Camp where she befriended Geeta.[2]

Götterdämmerung heist[]

"I'm going in either way. I can either go in with you and you can keep me safe, or I'll just sneak in after you, and I'll probably die."

Kate Ward, Army of the Dead

When Scott Ward approached her for her help, Kate initially turned him away, until he explained that he was going to give her $15 million if his mission succeeded. He needed her connections as a McCarran Quarantine Camp volunteer to get into the camp, where they could then sneak into Las Vegas. She drove the team into the camp, passing all the residents in the process of relocating, and the team prepared to enter the zombie area. Discovering that Geeta had abandoned her children, Kate punched Lilly in the face, realizing she must have helped Geeta sneak through the wall. Determined to return Geeta to her children, Kate threatened her father that if he didn't take her into the city with the group, she'd sneak in after them. Forcing his hand, he allowed her to come on the condition that she never leave his side.

Kate stuck by her father as the group headed into the city, as they agreed. On the third floor roof of Bly's Casino, she and her father had a heart-to-heart while turning on the power generator, during which Kate started to understand her father better. She began down the road to forgiving him. They rejoined the group, and while Ludwig Dieter worked on the safe, she and Scott checked the area and Scott had her close an access hatch. When his eyes were turned away, she blocked the latch so she could later use it without a key card. During the team's excitement of breaking into the safe, she slipped away to The Olympus, where she suspected Geeta was being held. On her way over, the alpha horde stormed from The Olympus, forcing her to hide in an old car. Luckily for her, this meant the building was nearly empty, so she was able to search freely for her missing friend. She eventually found Geeta and one of the two women that had gone with her, and they began back toward the main mercenary group, but Burt Cummings, the newly arisen alpha, barred their path. Kate managed to kill him, but Daisy was lost in the struggle, and some of the other alphas returned to decrease the likelihood of escape. Scott wasn't far behind, however, and he led them to the roof to make their escape.

Kate goes to her father after the helicopter crash.

After a brief moment of worry that Marianne Peters had left them behind, she brought the rescue helicopter back around to pick them up. That moment's pause gave Zeus the time he needed to jump aboard the helicopter and attack Scott. Peters was shot during the fight, but she managed to keep the helicopter upright as the fled the imminent nuclear blast. Kate made feeble attempts to help her father, and he was ultimately able to prevail, shooting Zeus but also taking a zombie-infecting bite. While this was going on, the bomb hit the city, and the helicopter was struck by the shockwave. It went down, and Kate found herself flung from the vehicle, but largely unhurt. She made her way around the helicopter, finding Peters impaled in the wreckage and Geeta nowhere to be seen. Scott was propped up, unable to move. They shared some final words, and Kate realized she'd fully forgiven him, but he began to turn, so she regretfully shot him in the head. In his final moments he gave her several thousand dollars from the vault chamber, which she presumably intended to use to move Geeta's children from their refugee status.[2]



A t-shirt styled after Kate's was released alongside Army of the Dead. While hers is a tank top, this one is short-sleeved.


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