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"It's a doorway to another realm, my friends, and providence has brought you to me. We go through it together."

The Götterdämmerung is the fourth of four one-of-a-kind safes created by famous safe designer Hans Wagner, which Ludwig Dieter is obsessed with cracking. It features a four-lock rotating randomization mechanism that makes it one of the most difficult safes in the world to break open.


At some point the Götterdämmerung was designed by Hans Wagner. It's the fourth of his masterpiece safes, named after the fourth opera of the Der Ring des Nibelungen by Richard Wagner.

Prior to the Las Vegas outbreak, Bly Tanaka used the safe to store money for his casino. When the city fell, $200 million was left behind. At some point later, a team of thieves attempted to break into the vault, but were swarmed by shamblers that came through an open access gate.[1]

Götterdämmerung heist[]

"If I can open it, it will either be destruction or renewal. Death or rebirth."

Gotterdamerung blueprint.png

After sitting under Bly's Casino, unused for years, the Las Vengeance heist team eventually found the safe. Spending some time with it, Ludwig Dieter managed to open it, and the team gathered the $200 million that was inside. Conflict arose, and the group ended up fighting the alpha horde in the vault. Dieter pushed Vanderohe into the Götterdämmerung and locked him inside to protect him from Zeus. Vanderohe spent some time inside, until he was able to escape after the nuclear strike on the city above.[1]


  • A rack of film reels can be seen in the front corner of the vault during the planned events. The rightmost reel is the genuine "Snyder Cut" reel that, at the time of filming Army of the Dead, had yet to officially go into production. The reel contains the 214-minute version of the film, not the final film that would later be released. The vault does not contain this rack once opened during the real event.
  • The safe is named for Götterdämmerung, the fourth and final piece in Richard Wagner's opera, Der Ring des Nibelungen.


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