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"Don't talk to me. I don't trust any of these people, but especially you. You stay the hell away from me."

Chambers is a martial artist who joins the Las Vengeance heist team as they venture into zombie-infected Las Vegas as she wants to protect Mikey Guzman, who she views as a big brother figure.[1]


Before the Götterdämmerung heist, Chambers spent her days with Mikey Guzman and their other friends. When Guz was offered $500,000 to join Las Vengeance's mission to steal the contents of the Götterdämmerung in zombie-infested Las Vegas, he invited Chambers to join the mission and take a cut of his earnings. She agreed.

Chambers didn't get along with the other members of the team. She didn't trust anyone but Guz, and had a particular dislike for Martin, who she believed to be up to something. As the group headed inside an underground mall to avoid staying in the line of sight of Athena and the Las Vegas horde, Chambers made it clear to Martin that she didn't trust him, stating that they'd need to have a long conversation about his role when they made it to Bly's Casino. Martin pretended to brush her off, but she got to him. The crew was forced to move in single file with low lighting in order to avoid waking the hibernating shamblers, and Martin used the opportunity to chart an unsafe path for Chambers behind him, entangling her in the middle of the undead, which began to awaken. Chambers displayed an impressive arsenal of combat skills, dispatching dozens of zombies, and just barely failing to catch up to the rest of the group before being fatally swarmed. As an act of mercy, Guz shot her gas can before she could be torn apart, and she was killed in the explosion.[2]


  • SIG-Sauer P226Rs: Chambers' sidearm is the SIG-Sauer P226R, of which she has two and is skilled at using akimbo.
  • FN P90: Chambers' primary weapon is the FN P90 submachine gun with a forward rail system and sight.






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