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"You want to make twenty grand?"
"Twenty-thousand dollars? Yeah, I'll make twenty fucking grand."

Lilly and Burt Cummings, Army of the Dead

Burt Cummings is an infection evaluation officer at the McCarran Quarantine Zone who joins Scott Ward's team on the Götterdämmerung heist.


Cummings worked as an infection evaluation officer for the McCarran Quarantine Camp, where he insured the residents weren't infected by the zombies just on the other side of the wall. According to Lilly he raped women in the camp during his tenure.[1]

Götterdämmerung heist[]

As the Las Vengeance team prepared to enter the quarantined city, the last of the refugees cleared out, leaving no one but the team and Burt Cummings. Lilly told Scott Ward they'd need one final member, gesturing to the approaching Cummings. She offered him $20,000 to join the team, and he agreed. Shortly after entering the city, Lilly manipulated Cummings into giving her his gun, which she used to shoot him in the leg. The sound of the gunshot lured Athena to the scene. Lilly explained to the team that they would need to make an offering to the Las Vegas horde in order to get as deep into the city as they needed, which was why they needed Cummings to join them. She tied him up and left him in a clearing for Athena to find.

Athena and a fellow Alpha took Cummings to The Olympus where they resided. Zeus arrived and bit Cummings, converting him into an alpha zombie to join the horde. Cummings later defended The Olympus from the remaining Las Vengeance members and killed Daisy, but was killed by Kate Ward with a shot to the head when he attacked her.[1]


  • Glock 17: Cummings carried a Glock 17 pistol until giving it to Lilly, who then shot him in the leg with it.






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